I’m Patrick Cason, I'm a web developer and designer based in Nashville, Tennessee working on a few startups here in town. Poliana is a big data web application attempting to explain the political campaign finance system using data visualization. On The List is a company looking to bridge the gaps in event sponsorship between brands and providers while creating a better experience for event-goers. I also work as a developer and designer at Octovis where we allow doctors and clinicians an easier way to interface with the EHR via wearable technology so they can spend more time with their patients. In my past, I was a "hacker in residence" at the Jumpstart Foundry where I worked with and mentored ten local startups in entrepreneurship, user experience, design, and web development. My most recent endeavor is Gusto, a web and mobile app design and development shop that works entirely with startups and small businesses.

Also, if you're interested in hiring me then I'd love to hear about it, here's my resume.