Patrick Cason

Patrick Cason

I'm a software engineer and UI designer working remotely in Lisbon, Portugal.
I've worked for the past 10 years as a technologist in the politics, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and music industries. In particular I'm interested in online privacy, open-source software, and ethical programming.
A few strong opinions:
People should own, host, and fully control all of their online information.
The term "user experience" should not be used as an excuse to monitor and manipulate individuals.
Technology should be designed to serve people, rewarding intuition and promoting non-addictive behavior.


An open-source community focused on researching, developing, and promoting tools for secure, privacy-preserving, value-aligned artificial intelligence.
Engineering Lead
Received a grant from the RAAIS foundation for encrypted machine translation
Author of syft.js
Designed and developed website
Manages all dev ops infrastructure

Scholar Raise

A fintech service that helps people save for their child's college education using crowdfunding and automated investment management.
Chief Product Officer
Responsible for all design, development, and dev ops infrastructure
Leads a fully remote staff in weekly SCRUM meetings


A mashup between an open-source collective, design studio, and a dev shop all roled into one.
Manage and develop multiple open-source projects
We're available for hire - insert seed money, receive bacon